About us
We are working in this finance Industry from last 13 years . We follow these principle

  • Highest Standards of Integrity ,
  • Trust and Values: this strong foundation is the basis and essence upon which the our Platform is based on.
  • Service Excellence and Client Retention: Having serviced many of our clients for over 13 years we pride ourselves with a robust infrastructure strongly supported by automated processes to deliver an efficient platform of advisory and service excellence, with integrity and trust.
On the basis of years of experience in the same field, My Financial Friend is committed towards providing comprehensive and complete planning services in order to eliminate all finance related worries from your lives.

We are committed towards providing timely, unbiased and expert guidance so that the best financial decisions can be possibly made. In support with our expert advisory team of professionals, one gets the opportunity to set the entire life goals especially those that can fruitful out comings in the expected future.

For the purpose of tracking the journey of financial freedom we take out our precious time to create the tailored financial strategies for our clients. Learn the smart way outs to build the strong foundation of your current lifestyles by joining us today!
On behalf of our rich advisory team, we seek to provide you with the returns that are aligned, competitive and reliable in nature. For the attainment of broad diversification and a well disciplined approach, consult us today!


  •  Identifying & prioritizing personal financial goals
  •  Managing the risk by proper asset allocation
  •  Focusing on long term investments
  •  Creating wealth by beating inflation

Vision & Mission


To increase financial intelligent quotient among all clients
To become the most preferred and trusted financial partner in India by providing honest, ethical and transparent services resulting in mutual financial growth and 100% peace of mind.
To provide comprehensive financial planning services to our clients, by empowering & enabling them to reach financial freedom


  • To grow & protect our clients assets and to help them achieve their dreams and life goals
  • To become the trusted source of investment, knowledge & leadership to our clients, & to the community
  • To increase financial literacy in the community
  • To set our clients free of financial worries such that they can have with peace of mind and growth. Essentially, ensuring that they live TENSION FREE